“I like Jean Rousseau’s attitude of always aiming higher”, Naoya Hida, Japanese independent watchmaker

by Naoya Hida

Naoya Hida is the founder of Naoya Hida & Co., an independent watchmaker based in Tokyo, Japan, offering high-end watches in very limited numbers. For the past years, Naoya Hida and our teams have imagined and created custom-made watchstraps. Today, Naoya Hida tells us more about his constant search for very high quality.

1. How did you discover the work of Maison Jean Rousseau?

I can’t remember when I heard the name of Maison Jean Rousseau for the first time, but it might have been during a visit to some Swiss watch companies in the mid-1990s. I later turned to Maison Jean Rousseau to create watchstraps because I liked the high quality of its products. I also appreciated the flexibility of having a workshop in Japan. Above all, I liked the company’s attitude of always aiming higher.

2. Why is Jean Rousseau’s customization offer an important element of your work?

Customization is very important for us because most of our customers already own many watches. They are always looking for something special, something new. Customization is the key element to meet their expectations.

3. How does Maison Jean Rousseau reflect the spirit of Naoya Hida & Co.?

Maison Jean Rousseau and Naoya Hida & Co. share a common value: professionalism. We are both engaged in the pursuit of beauty and uniqueness and committed to creating products of higher quality. I respect how Maison Jean Rousseau tries to meet the demands of their customers as much as possible. In the future, I will keep asking higher quality from Maison Jean Rousseau and I am confident its teams will deliver it.

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