Our authenticity makes us unique and proud

by Jacques Bordier

An obvious word comes to mind to describe the approach and commitment of Maison Jean Rousseau: authenticity. In our modes of operation, in our fabrication processes, in our relationships with our clients and among colleagues, authenticity is a ruling principle.

However, authenticity cannot be decreed. Neither can it emerge spontaneously. At Jean Rousseau, authenticity is the result of an organization built to preserve and maintain it: our creations are imagined by our own designers, developed by our own prototypists, made with skins tanned in our workshops by craftsmen recruited and trained by us. We have even manufactured some of our tools in order to be able to design whatever we want, without any limit to our creativity or sense of innovation.

We are even more so attached to this value of authenticity that it is our signature. Custom-made items, homemade skin coloring and handmade stitching are not elements of a sales pitch. On the contrary, they are part of our identity. They distinguish us from the rest. When our creations are labeled “Made in France” or “Handmade”, we are proud to say it is truthful.

Our customers wouldn’t be mistaken anyway. Everywhere in the world, we are lucky to welcome fine connoisseurs in our boutique-workshops. Watch lovers, sensitive to materials, paying attention to finishing touches, they cannot be fooled by any commercial talk. Therefore, to keep them interested and to hold their trust, we do as much as we can to increase our skills as well as the quality of our creations. The training of our craftsmen is a tangible illustration of this ambition.

Allying authenticity, rigor and exemplarity is one of the driving forces of our Maison. We believe each one of us bears responsibility for transmitting this state of mind and making it last. While we stay vigilant and keep our eyes open, we are also confident.

Because we are a family enterprise, we do not live under the pressure of accounting results. It is a valuable asset that keeps us away from being tempted to choose the easy road and encourages our enthusiastic quest for excellence. A shared and sincere enthusiasm. Authentic.

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