From the United States to Japan, the international identity of Maison Jean Rousseau

by Anaïs Bordier

Developing our business abroad has always been a priority. Not surprisingly, we have strong historical bonds with Switzerland but with time, we have also built close relationships with numerous international partners. Today, we are still working with the Swiss but we are also present in Japan, Hong-Kong, Macao, in the UK and the US, and in continental China since recently.

We benefit from the good reputation of French luxury goods and the welcome we receive abroad is always excellent. It is a chance… and also a great responsibility! We like to think that we are “ambassadors” of the French culture, as a result, we stay very mindful of preserving this reputation. When one orders a Jean Rousseau product thousands of miles away from us, one acquires an article of perfect quality, a close attention from our teams but also a bit of our culture at its best.

This is why we endeavour to promise our clients the same quality of greeting, service and expertise everywhere in the world. To do so, we have established a certain number of principles. For example, no matter where the article is being made, it will only be made of materials and components issued from our home-based manufacture. Also, in our workshops, most of the artisans were trained in France. It is one of our strengths: implementing workshops-boutiques where craftsmen are experts, capable of answering to any customisation request made by our clients.

In China, where we have established our latest workshop-boutique, we have a local partner. Together, we have created a workshop from scratch, in which all craftsmen were trained in France by our staff. Our new colleagues are now fully capable of responding to the Chinese clients’ needs in the shortest possible time. We particularly insist on technical trainings because, for the rest, we are lucky enough to work with people who naturally represent Maison Jean Rousseau and bond with our values and the family character of the company. Thus, our relationships with our international teams are very strong, consistent and sometimes even friendly.

With this last implementation in China, we now cover the major part of our clients’ needs around the word. To this day, no other internationalization project is planned… but no one believes this is where we will stop within the Manufacture!

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