Claire Humen is the technical and production director of the US Jean Rousseau Atelier. Together with the craftspeople team, they give life to many clients’ wishes. Today, she explains what skills customisation requires and how Jean Rousseau makes sure it meets its clients’ expectations.

What is the customisation process at Jean Rousseau?

Answering our clients’ expectations begins with the experience at our Boutique. It is there that clients are individually serviced through the customization process. When customers approach Jean Rousseau, I work with them to develop the item they are looking to produce. My role is to implement a production vision to their concept of the piece. This involves accounting for measurements, function, material, and colour scheme. After the project specifications have been vetted I can launch it into production. The Boutique offers the unique opportunity to speak on all the topics with an expert.

Which special skills does customisation require?

Customisation goes beyond crafting. It takes a creative, imaginative, detail-oriented, problem solver to deliver the pieces that we do. Therefore when we recruit craftspeople, I look for individuals who have a passion for leather and making. If an applicant has this, he or she will be able to learn and hone the technical specifics with us through training and practice. Today, we have four craftspeople that work for the US Jean Rousseau Atelier. There is Bonita, Chris, Maya, and David. They are all fantastic at what they do and I feel privileged to have trained such a skilled team.

What are the main demands of clients regarding customisation?

Our clients’ main demands are precision, beauty, comfort, functionality, colour and longevity. Honestly, everything! And that’s not a problem, it’s what we do. Every client’s vision is unique and part of the fun is precisely developing the perfect product each time. I think the craziest demand so far was a request to “quilt” a strap together from different leathers in different colours. But it is not always about what is crazy. It is also about what is subtle. Our clients have the unique opportunity to be their own designers and artists. It does not always sound crazy but sometimes, one or two contrasting colour choices make an astounding impression.


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